review almost after a year

The staff is great! The Maintenance is awesome! Anytime anything breaks the maintenance guys are right on top of it and they are super friendly. Just like any apartment place don't for get to lock you car door at night cause your belongings will be gone in the morning. Living space is ok. in a one bedroom you can fit a couch and chair with no love seat. Bedroom is extremely tight with a queen size bed.
PARKING!! Parking sucks very bad!! If you get home from work or the gym after 8:30 be prepared to walk a pretty far distance to your apartment. Why is there not at least one assigned parking spot for each unit? You have parking space hoarders that have 3 cars for a one bedroom apartment. There are cars parked that haven't moved since the day I moved in. Also have motorcycle only parking so they don't take up full parking spots, especially since they hardly get ridden and are under covers 90% of the time. This will be the reason I do not renew my lease. If they had one assigned spot per unit this would be a great place! Its sad one big thing that has a very simple fix ruins living here.